Term & Condition

Tour Condition

  • Bali Private Tour  will send the confirmation as soon as we get the confirmation from principal.
  • When you confirmed the deal, It is mean you are clearly understand what is include and exclude.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or by email  for detail information before confirming your deal.

Privacy Policy

  • You may put your email address and phone number to our contact list via the forms on our websites. We agree that we will never share you email or phone number with any third party and that we will remove your email at your request. We require your email and phone number just for booking process. We don’t currently send advertising via email, but in the future our email may contain advertisements and we may send dedicated email messages from our advertisers without revealing your email addresses to them. If you have any problem removing your email address please contact us via our contact form.


  • Payment can be done at the end of tour to our driver by cash. We accept USD or IDR covert to the current rate
  • Bali Private Tour  provides options for you to conduct the transaction with us and one of the easiest ways are Paypal.
  • Payment via Paypal is the payment through online where you can use your credit card, travel checks or money transfer. (extra charge 4% of total price for paypal fee)
  • The payment through Paypal is the payment can be done quickly, efficiently, easily, secure, whenever and wherever you want.